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Tuesday, April 26th, 2005

Time:10:27 pm.
Mood: salmon.
Once apon a time...In a land far far away there was a boy named fishytoad who spent most of his days climbing trees and high mountains because he was born with too much energy and one foot slightly bigger than the other. One-day fishytoad was out camping with his friends, it was a normal camping trip, bonfires, drunken antics and copious amounts of traffic cones for some reason! (No matter where you are, when you’re drunk a traffic cone always appears!) well anyway once everyone was asleep, fishytoad 's dreams of bmxing were disturbed by an eerie light coming from the moon. He decided to go to the river and get some water. As he walked through the dense woodland, following the sound of the water to guide him, he noticed a strange shadow that didn’t seem to stay where it was meant to. Feeling slightly uneasy he crept along watching the shadow out of the corner of his eye, then realising that there wasn’t just one strange figure following him there seemed to be at least five of them. He was now at the water and unsure what to do so decided to just fill up the bottle and head back to camp pretending there was nothing there! As he turned away from the water something made a low grumbling noise near him. Not wanting to find out what made the noise he set of running as fast as he could. He was about half way to the camp when he ran straight into a snarling mouth lined with razor sharp teeth. He didn’t move, the beast stood a good 10-foot tall and took a step towards him. fishytoad was in sheer panic and picked out the wedgy from his rear, which was surely cutting off blood to somewhere. As he was doing this, another beast attacked him and started biting him on the neck and ripping into his flesh with its claws. fishytoad was dead for sure...wasn’t he?? He sat bolt upright in his sleeping bag with a cold sweat; surly it was all just a bad dream? He looked at his chest half expecting to see it ripped open, but nothing. It was normal. He felt his neck, normal too. Phewww he thought, and just as he lay down he noticed the moon sneaking out from behind some clouds. It was full and looked really big. He closed his eyes. He was almost sleeping again when the pain hit him. His bones in his arms and legs felt like they were bending and breaking, it started spreading until he was paralysed. His mind started changing all he could think about was killing and eating flesh! When all the pain had stopped he stood up, all of a sudden feeling taller. He looked at his hands, they were huge, covered with bristly hair, and with claws the size of fingers. He realised he wasn’t dreaming this. He was a dun dun duuuuun! WEARWOLF. He was a killing machine the perfect weapon against anything. He let out an ear-bursting howl that made every fluffy bunny and other such animal’s crap there little pants and run off! None of the campers were seen again now and again an piece of clothing or a can off beer would turn up that must have been from the missing campers. Every few months a dog would disappear when out a walk with it owner or a bear would be found half eaten by something and every year or two some campers would disappear never to be found again!
And they all lived happily ever after… I think!
Yas I win, its your turn. Make it good!

Thursday, March 10th, 2005

Subject:its all what the weather makes it!
Time:1:52 am.
Mood: horny.
yeah its been a while! i havent really had much to say recently but i thought back and theres been some stuff worth mentioning! went to glasgow with stuart, zoe and robert and met Elle at central!
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Wednesday, March 2nd, 2005

Subject:My foot smells bad!
Time:12:06 am.
Mood: quiet.
thinking too much again! makes my head hurt just thinking about everything and thinking what would happen if things were done diffrently! nothing in particular just random stuff that i see or hear!

on a diffrent note i got my cast off today which is really good but you should of seen and smelt it, it was amazing! i had to wash it before i could put a sock on it i took a picture of it just now but it looked so much worse earlier! the doctor said i couldnt do any sports for a while which is a real downer because i miss them alot but instead of going home to rest it i went for a jolly gant round glasgow with stuart which was good! thought up hunners of stuff to do and i bought japanese learning kit! its going to be so cool! i would type something but i havent worked out how to yet on the computer! also made a mess in pizza hut and walked out with our drinks!ha ha

heres my foot
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Monday, February 28th, 2005

Subject:Lots of drunk
Time:10:52 pm.
Mood: predatory.
this weekend i got lots of drunk! i had a lovely visit from steph(lady friend) on friday night and then she had to go home early so i went out with a couple of my friends who were already wasted when i called! i got wrecked real quick and we went to the local discotech which is a disgrace but it opens late so its good enough! On sat i had lunch with steph and then went to glasgow with stuart and i said merry christmas to someone and he said thanks and then turned and looked at me! was real funny then we went to buffet bar next to central and had lots to eat was good i had squid! then went to see people we know in central like elle, nicola and in cant member who else just now! then went to go down to clyde side and met drunk kirsty and jullie on the way, so drunk! me and stu tried to get drunk too but it was tough because of all the food we just had! went back to central and i stole elle's livestrong wristband!mwah ha ha ha me and st decided to go home and go out to the pubs in saltcoats with sandro! and i got reall drunk and i cant remember much more than that except i was sore lots the next day!ha ha some pics of it all...

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Saturday, February 26th, 2005

Subject:ohhhh man!
Time:3:56 am.
Mood: drunk.
this is the 1st time ive tried to entre an update when am pissed! wot happend today u mite ask( if u really cared) i went to the doc's and he gave me another week off work coz o ma foot! then i went to pishy collage where i went and sat in the class then moved chris's car so he couldn't find it then i came home finished off updatin ma i-pod then had fangetas for dinner the more fanngeta for desssert then i went to the saltcot and had 3 pints in 20 mins then went to the metro where i had 5 shots and six (or more ) drinks within the hour to make me slightly drunk and talked to ppl i know and decided that im confused about shit! ohh yeah some more pics for u ( if i can get them on right!!!!!!)ha ha!

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Thursday, February 24th, 2005

Time:8:01 am.
Mood: awake.
yeah i havent managed to get my other puter workin yet so i cant get the biffy pictures on but me and stuart went a walk at 5.50 this mornin was well good!
before i get into that ill tell you what else has been happnin! havent been doing very much to be honest drawing random pictures to pass the brokin foot time, they told me not to put things down ma cast to scratch but it comes off on monday so i thought fuckit it needs to be done!! bad move i think though i used chopstick and i normaly eat most of my meals with chopsticks but i had to throw that one away after it been in the dark place i couldnt wash the smell off! ha ha and i think i cut ma foot too its sore instead of itchy now! :-S the snows been pretty interestin, it seems to have snowed for like a whole day but theres almost nothing to show for it which is crap! its meant to keep going though so lets hope we get some snowfights before summer!
me and stu got dvd's and munchies! got Resident Evil 2, The Grudge and Saw! all awsum good!we had far too much to eat im still sore just now plus im guessin thats why im not tired yet! so yeah walk! went down town and took some random pictures!

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Monday, February 21st, 2005

Time:4:06 pm.
Mood: nuts.
its amazin im cookin brownies coz i got nothin better to do its great there almost ready and smell amazin and im wearin an apron andeverythin and its snowin, well was and has now melted! i also bought a really cool digital camera off ebay really cheap compared to how much its meant to cost! wot else???..... hmmm some strange guy came to veiw the house because we're gonna be rich or something and i had to move coz he was walkin bout ma room and i was watchin tv on ma bed and it felt weird because he didnt say nethin and just kept taken notes! i think he liked me lots! yeah thats me i think!
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Friday, February 18th, 2005

Subject:Biffy clyro!
Time:1:36 am.
Mood: freezing.
amazin thats all i can say!

was soo good only problem was i bought a standing ticket and it turned out to be on the balcony but it was prolly better that way coz o ma broken foot! it didnt hurt at all throught the whole gig but now its got real sore so ive put it in some icecream! i didnt manage to get ma p in the dark ticket(bastards) but hopefully i know some1 with a spare! steph was so pissed tonite was real funny talkin random shait all the way through her mcD's but she sobbered up just before she hit the vodka which she hammered down! laura got me some vodka 2 which was nice and ill need to repay! shes away gettin even more wrecked round G1 with her home boyeeez! got some good photoa to put up but i cant find the cable so ill do it later! if any1 knows of any spare tickets for t in the park let me know coz i want them!
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Wednesday, February 16th, 2005

Subject:Noodles n chicken kevs
Time:4:57 pm.
Mood: confused.
mazin day before biffy and i cant walk! could be a problem but nahhhh im sure ill be fine! stuart made sooooo much noodles last nite that we had to feed them to the dog! was super good n then we got to watch a programme about puberty was funny! gettin ma t in the park ticket soon hopefully dont know whos all going yet but thought i might as well get it then find out!
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Monday, February 14th, 2005

Subject:valentines day
Time:1:35 am.
Mood: hungry.
awooo! valentines day good shit! went to pizza hut was amazin staurt and john been helpin me set up ma journal n shit! still cant work it though ha ha soon though soon!
Biffy Clyro on thursday didnt have a ticket till like today and i wasnt sure i was gonna get it so am pretty stoked that i got it! gonna be bad with ma broken foot though hopefully get a good spot to watch from! i need to find a camera to take photos of it! gonna find food for me and stuart now!
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Thursday, January 27th, 2005

Time:2:26 am.
Mood: bored.
yess this is my first ACTUAL entry!
wot do i do??
ma winnin yet?? iv got a broked foot and im bored! i need random shit to do but ive ran out of ideas! managed to get 26 malteasers in ma mouth today goin for 40 tomorrow! ill let you know how it goes! im feeling lucky though i think im in with a good chance!
Have to tell you, watch ren and stimpy by the way its the best cartoon ever invented!
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Tuesday, January 25th, 2005

Time:8:56 pm.
I've got a journal i've got a journal la la la lalalalaalaaaa.
this is sooo teddy. :D
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